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Meet Fearless & Wamu!

Fearless was found outside the MGM club on Nanjing road. Our eyes connected and he did not run away until i  approached him . He put up a fight to get close to him  and ultimately i was able to get help from  a stranger who was also  cat lover  in  helping me to get control of Fearless.  The trip home included him escaping in a store room as i  got a box  for him but ultimately we made it. Once home i had to wash him and clean him – he had been through alot. A fever followed and a trip to the vet and medicine to control an infection but he is a strong boy and recovered quickly . While at the vet i had him tested for the two bad cat diseases( FPV and  FIP)- my heart was very nervous but ultimately i was relieved with happiness on the results. He has tried to steal my attention from my other three cats- this one knows how precious a real home is.  He wants nothing more than to be loved as he watches tv with me. His ears have been a challenge-   but i have medicine as i  have to clean them  daily as they were quite dirty due to his tough prior environment as an abandoned kitten.. He is growing bigger and he has  a friend  is another rescued Kitten ( Wamu ) – they are a  couple currently.  This one is a leader  but also a lover. He is going to make  a great family member and i will dearly miss him.
We found Wamu on Jun 2nd – she was very tiny.  We were at the park on Xikang Rd where many cats live. We noticed one day 4 kittens. They were together but we could not identify the mother. That day we did not have food but watched these kittens being fed by another generous woman. However the adult cats swatted the kittens on their face  with their big paws  making it hard for the kittens to eat. We came back two days later and it was raining. Wamu was wet and looked weak and was not eating. We were worried she might die because of the rain and catching a cold. So we had to take her home.   She had flea problems but was to young for treatment. Initially we had a space problem but eventually she moved in with Fearless. Her appetite improved and she became more vocal as she wanted attention from everybody, She is growing quickly now and does not let our adult cats intimidate her.  She is a tough girl and very friendly.

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