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Stanley Garbage kitten (RIP)

Stanleys Story:

Stanley had developed a worrying rasp in his breathing during his first week of life which was presumed to be a respiratory infection- quite a serious thing for such a vulnerable kitten. We gave him a Chinese herbal cough medicine prescribed by the vet- quite safe to use on kittens so young when antibiotics would be too harsh and agressive to their system. He continued to take his bottle but after feeding his breathing would be laboured , his little sides heaving seemingly with the effort. He was still under 300 g so small for stronger  medicine so we just hoped that he would gain weight and the herbal remedy would start to decongest his lungs. However on day 12 his breathing drastically deteriorated. He seemed no longer able to swallow his milk and was truly gasping for breath.
We rushed him to the emergency vet where he was given an antibiotic shot- his condition was so bad it was his only chance. The vet felt his abdomen
and diagnosed swollen kidneys which was also a sinister sign.
In the early hours of the next day he sadly passed away.. it seemed after all it was not a respiratory infection but a birth defect that gave him grossly enlarged kidneys that were pressing against his lungs and literally taking away his last breath..
That day he joined Jinxe under the clementine tree .. also never to be forgotten .. a sweet little soul which such a short life.

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