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Teddy & Honeys’ Story

This is Teddy and Honeys’ Story…in memory of their brave little siblings Jinxe and Stanley , who didnt quite make the journey …and whom I will never forget.
Teddy and Honey are the two surviving kittens of the Jinxe Garbage Kittens , found as the name suggests in the pretty water town of Jinxe, literally ” in the garbage”…it beggers belief?
All four kittens were tossed into a plastic bag and into the garbage directly after their birth..umbilical cords still fresh and bodies still wet, their mum can’t have even had time to lick them, let alone feed them that essential colostrum that is in a mother cats’ milk for the first 24 hours after birth. Colostrum contains the antibodies essential for a newborn to fight off infection and build a healthy immune system. The four didn’t it seems receive a single drop.
…so that is how the Jinxe Garbage Kittens entered the world- literally thrown away after birth to what would inevitably be a miserable and lonely death..in the bottom of a pile of rubbish…certainly what no living entity deserves.
It was a sheer stroke of fate..kizmit..call it what you will.. that we stumbled upon them whilst wandering the silent backstreets and alleys of Jinxe.
I had stopped to take a photo of a lonely mop propped up against a wall ( as you do !!)  whilst my boyfriend strolled ahead. Hurrying to catch up I passed a large green garbage bin and heard the distinctive and plaintive cries of…kittens????!!Yes, undoubtedly kittens!
 I called to my boyfriend and still in shock carefully upturned the large container..we couldn’t see where the cries were coming from for all the rubbish..then we saw one tiny body..and another…then two still inside the plastic bag..hands still filthy from trawling through the debris we placed them gingerly inside the big canvas bag we had with us ( in fact the infamous ‘ kitten rescue’ Ikea bag I always carried with me)
From thereon we were their parents, bottle-feeding every three hours round the clock..this my first experience of being a cat-mum and I was scared of the responsibility of these fragile little lives but of course I would do anything to help them to live and defy the tragic start to their story.
It was a painful,joyous,exhausting and inspirational journey that we made together,watching first Jinxe tragically fade and die and then his brother Stanley within the first two weeks.
Now that I look at Teddy and Honey at six weeks old- Teddy already nudging 900 g and Honey not far behind, careering round the flat,hurtling from one toy to another,chasing Molly the big cats’ tail and in turn falling exhausted but happy into a big kitten – heap …I wonder at the miracle of their survival …and feel fiercely proud of my two little survivors.
They still have be treated with caution, despite looking undoubtedly robust..these two are quite vulnerable still to infection- I will breathe a huge sigh of relief when ,at eight weeks, they can have their first vaccination…but now I have the courage to visualise them a big and beautiful cats …THEY MADE IT !!!!!
…Now all they need is “The Perfect Home ” !!!
Of course it will be heart breaking letting them go ,but my home country is in England and the quarantine for animals returning there is six months..and anyway my role in Shanghai is rescuer and fosterer for these ” unwanted ” kittens and I want to continue helping as many as I can.
So I have to let them go…the question is are you special enough for these Super Special Kittens ??!!
Perfect Homes please come forward!!!! : )

1: Jinxe Garbage Kittens
2: Honey aged 2 weeks
3: Teddy aged 2 weeks
4- 7 Teddy & Honey today

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