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JAR AD – COOL DOCKS (17th July)

….a little late on our ‘post AD’ report!
2nd Animal Adoption Day hosted by the COOL DOCKS and we are now permanently going to be holding our 2nd adoption day in this venue from now on (thanks to the management!) Not alot of ‘foot traffic’…as expected. Many people especially expats) are away on vacation, not many people wanting to ‘commit’ with adopting an animal, however, new faces came by and checked what we did and played with the animals that came.

Thanking Vivian (our Senior Volunteer Chinese Community Officer) for helping me out and setting up the tables and bringing all the donated items for display.

Banyan Tree (Shirley) for donating Oil Burners to sell for donation purposes, and all our dedicated volunteers for coming and helping us out! Also thank you for the donated ‘Poster Boards’, pet supplies from M-Pets, Peidi and You Mao  🙂

Here are pictures from the day. 5 animals got adopted out to their forever homes with 2 potential adoptions.
It was hot and humid, but everyone enjoyed the day!

Thanks again for everyone’s support.
See you next month at Papas (14th August) and again at the COOL DOCKS on the 21st Aug!


JAR Founder

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