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We need an urgent foster parent!

** Update – Sat 23rd July, 2011 – Potential adopter will be taking Tippy next week! Well done! **

Hi all
Attached are the photos of the puppy we rescued today.
We think it is about 4 weeks old as it cannot drink from a bowl and sucks desperately on any flesh it can.
It was dumped in a dirty plant pot, in the sun, at the Pudong Flower Market driveway – 32 degrees and no water!   Was yelping so possibly only dumped this morning.  We asked the guards and they just shrugged.    Cried all the way home but after some milk from a tomato sauce (Ketchup) bottle it is settled.  Has peed and pood so all well there.  Has been bathed – hair was matted and muddy.
It is adorable but needy.  Has a tiny white tip on its tail and its 4 paws with a little on its belly too – so nickname right now is “Tippy”.    Problem is we go to Inner Mongolia on Saturday!!!  We then return for 2 days and then head to Malaysia for 3 weeks.  I am desperate to find someone who can take it on immediately as a foster parent!!!  PLEASE HELP!!
Alexis  (hard to get a good photo as it does not like to be put down)

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