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Cats in our lane…

Hello Marvin,

This is Anne, I wrote you recently about the cats in our lane, their kittens, and our cruel neighbors.

Here is the update:

The good news:

– Our gang of four is still there, 2 are already spayed, another 2 will be spayed this week. The vet agrees they are in a very good condition. No diseases, no ringworm, etc. They still live (almost happily) here, us and other neighbors take care of them. 

– We finally managed to catch one kitten and brought it to our friend (I told you – they had a place to shelter and raise all 5 kittens).

The bad news:
– 3 of the 5 kitten disappeared, 1 we found dead – I think we can be sure the other 3 are also dead.

– Our neighbors – actually just two men – are still crazy. One smashing a brick towards the cats, every night he tries once (luckily they are so much faster than him, they already disappear when they see him). The other one – the guy with the rat poison – was ‘only’ throwing dirt on our door every night. We are not sure what else he would do still.

We are still worrying about the cats, and we’re getting really annoyed by these guys. They knew we would take the kittens as soon as we manage to catch them, still they have to kill them. They are informed the cats are/ will get spayed, they know they don’t make any dirt or noise – still they act so cruel.
So, we decided to manage it the China way, giving it to the people… not the nicest way, but there is nothing else we can do anymore. Attached is a poster which we publish on social networks.

Meanwhile, thanks again for your support. We have some little sweetheart in our office, still recovering and waiting for spaying – as soon as it’s done, I will send you his profile. Hope we can find a nice home for him!


Lane Cats

Lane Cats

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