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Persio & Candido … best friends for adoption!

Names: Persio and Candido
Gender: Both male
Race: Domestic Short Hair
DOB: April 2011 (approx. 3 and half months old)
Rescued on May 12, 2011

Hello! We are Persio and Candido! We were rescued on May 12, 2011 from Suzhou Creek (together with our kitten friend Isabella) because we had no food, no shelter, no roof, no protection and Persio was already sick. We were just abandoned to fend by ourselves in a small patch of garden. To make matters worse we were not only lacking medical attention, but we were also neglected by the people that owned the garden were we were living … sadly enough they had no intention to help us at all, nor they wanted anybody to rescue us! After a short stay in Petshome Veterinary Hospital, and lots of care and love from our rescuer, now we are doing pretty well and we have grown a lot!!! However, we still have some tiny medical issues: Candido still has a little bit of fungus in his ears, so he is getting anti-fungus cream 2 or 3 times per day (the fungus is completely under control and it will disappear very soon). Persio has a rather “pink” bottom due to the fact that he was genetically born with his anal sphincter a little bit soft, but Persio is not a special needs kitten (he is a normal kitten just like any other, his health is excellent and his “pink” bottom is not impediment for a totally normal life). At this moment Persio is taking pills for his bottom (to make him stronger) and he is actually improving a lot! The good thing is that we have received very good medical attention in Petshome Veterinary Hospital since we were rescued, so we are growing healthy and happy, and we already have our first and second vaccinations. We are dewormed and deflead … and very soon we will get our rabies shots! Our physical characteristics and personalities are as follows:

White fur, blue eyes, and pink paws and nose. He is very much a small white prince … a very sweet kitten, with very good manners and very good for purring every time you stroke his back. Persio is the one who goes to purr into your ear every morning when he wants his breakfast and gives you some kisses to wake you up. He is very playful with his companion Candido and “roars” when he is chasing him. However, in general Persio is quieter than Candido. Persio loves to see the water running in the sink and to play in your shoes!


White and tabby fur (with a very cute brown triangle in his face), green eyes and black toes! Candido is a very active kitten, extremely playful and good for running and chasing. He loves toy mice and to play fight with Persio. However, when he is quiet, he loves to be in your lap while you pet him. Candido is much more active than Persio, and he is a very good brother (Candido enjoys grooming Persio when he is sleeping!). Candido is a very curious kitten, loves to drink a little bit of milk every day, and play with balls, toy mice and flowers. We will be very happy to meet you any day, and we promise to be very good kittens and to love you a lot!

If you are interested in adoption us, please contact Alejandra at: alevasquez72@yahoo.com or in the following mobile: 134 7277 8176
We have been together during all our young lives, so we will rather appreciate to be adopted together … we truly hope that a very nice person, couple or family will adopt us together because we really love each other as good brothers!
Thank you!!!

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