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Breaking news-600 caged cats rescued in from 2 trucks in Wuxi near Shanghai

** Update: 5th Aug, 2011:

On Aug the 3rd and July the 24th, the WAPA (Wuxi Animal Protection Assn) near Shanghai had nearly 600 caged cats rescued.  Shown below are photos of the cats during and after the rescue on July 24th.  Brave volunteers worked throughout the night to move the captured cats into the WAPA’s cat base, saving them from the cat-nappers who were planning to ship the cats out to various restaurants. The rescuers successfully stopped them on the way Guangdong after hours of negotiation with police officers in the heat with no water. Many of the cats were starved and injured, hiding in the corners in fear. Since the cat base at the WAPA was still under construction, the rescuers fixed up the location over night and worked tirelessly to have the place in best condition for the cats. 
After all of the cats were rescued and safe from harm, the rescuers needed to undergo extremely difficult steps in order to shelter them all. 
– Sick and injured cats were separated from the healthy ones for treatment.
– Male and Female cats were further separated into groups.
All of the cats are facing medical fees including vaccinations, neutering, flea treatments and food to eat. The rescuers are trying to find safe homes for the cats to go to. 

Please help us help these beautiful creatures who were just saved from an untimely, cruel death.  Let these cats have the good lives that they deserve, we must all unite together to protect these beautiful creatures from evil criminals. It is absolutely necessary that a law be made to protect the animals in China from cruel and violent acts such as these. These defenseless and innocent creatures do not deserve to be mistreated by the select few horrible people in our otherwise good society.
Thank you for your support!
Wuxi Animal Protection Association
Briefly translated by Joy Gao
Aug 4th 2011
Wuxi Animal Protection Assn’s Bank Account Information is as below:
Bank Name:       The Construction Bank of China, Wuxi Branch
Account Name:   Ni Zhi Jiang (Ni is family name, Zhi Jiang is first name)
Account No:        6222 8012 4030 1063 589
Swift Code:     
Paypal Account:  613919977@qq.com   (Ni Zhi Jiang)  

Taobao link for Wuxi Animal Protection Assn

On Aug 2011,
There were 13 cages; each cage around 20 cats in has been rescued last night in Wuxi near Shanghai. 
Also another truck was stopped successfully and 400 caged cats have been rescued last Friday, July 29th in Wuxi as well.  
Cannot look at their fear eyes!  Almost all of the cats got bad injured on their face, legs…and the new born kittens…. 
Now the 600 rescued cats are with the Wuxi Animal Protection Group, they will face the hard work to have all of the injured cats managed, and they need our help!  

More information will come after the rescue group has been called: 86 138 1510 0229

Thank you for your concern!

Aug 03 2011-600 caged cats rescued in from 2 trucks in Wuxi near Shanghai http://weibo.com/1761011044/xhRd63HIP

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