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Xiao Yang’s story

Xiao Yang is the only surviving daughter of  Fatima( ‘Fatty”!) – the stray cat that has adopted our garden as her home.
To say she was a fighter would be an underestimation!! Thankfully her strong will to survive and resilient character pulled her through to be the wonderful healthy little kitten she is today!
All of her 4 siblings died one by one..we do not know why..it could’ve been a congenital defect so common in street cat litters ,a virus ..who knows?  I made the difficult decision to take XY away from her mother when her last sibling was found dead in her garden nesting- box. We feared that Fatty had suddenly  run out of milk as that day Xiao Yang cried and cried..a plaintive heart wrenching ‘bleat’  ..something was clearly wrong…Fatty also was distressed ..at one point bring a big mouthful of cat food into the box for her kitten..she clearly realised that she could no longer feed her remaining daughter….so we took the decision to remove her and take her in for emergency bottle-feeding. Dr Sunny at Eagle Valley took her into his room that night to care for and as of then the nurses and vets took turns to bottle feed her round the clock…everyone loved her!!! Dr Sunny soon named her Little Lamb ( Xiao Yang) as she would bleat from her little box for attention whenever anyone walked into her room!! Such a big noise from such a teeny kitten…her weight was woefully undersized for her age -she was at least half the recommended weight for her age…but she soon picked up. With all her siblings having died the odds were really stacked against her and I daren’t be optimistic…but soon we realised what a little fighter she was …!! then disaster struck…she caught cat-flu…probably from another stray entering the surgery….treatable in older cats ..but with one so tiny it could be fatal….another hurdle for her to jump…but she did!!! after several weeks of treatment and confinement to her boarding crate at the surgery she fully recovered and just last week had her first vaccination. Now she is 100% in the clear and ready to leave for her first proper foster home and escape from her 2 x 2 foot world! She is going to love her freedom and now deserves a lovely loving home.
She is such a little character..she loves to play and shows no fear..playing rough and tumble with kittens far bigger than her! She loves company..both human and kitten..for that reason she should preferably be homed with an existing kitten in the household or even better -one of her two ‘ crate mates’ who she has bonded so closely with with over the last few weeks at the surgery.
She is super- affectionate..just a little darling…can you give her the home she deserves after such a tragic start in life????

1: being bottle-fed at Eagle Valley – 4 weeks old and terribly tiny!
2 – 4: 4 weeks old and just taken away from her mum
3: ” I am growing really?!!!”
4 – 6:  ….in her boarding crate and with best mate ” Beauty”
7:  before being taken away from her parents…Fatima and ( probable Dad!) Boss

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