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Zhen Da Guang Chang puppy

** Update: Sept 20th, 2011 – The rescuers have decided to adopt Puppy!  🙂  **


Turns out it will take about a month till he completely recovers from the corona virus, and in this time he must be kept away from other animals.
Vet says puppy is so much better. I went to see him today and he’s great! He’s much more active and actually wags his tail ! So cute…

** rescuer’s message **

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to get in touch for a while now to say thanks so much!! Milo makes our life complete, we would be completely lost without him. He’s done so well since bringing him home, we really were lucky to get him. I know puppies are usually in big demand, so I must have been in the right place at the right time when you advertised Milo and his family on the website. Unfortunately, this e-mail is also to ask if you have anyone who may be interested in adopting a puppy I rescued just this week? I was shopping at Superbrand mall in Pudong, and when I came out – I found a cardboard box next to a bin with a lone puppy in it. He’s everso tiny… at first I thought he was dead, but reached into the box to be sure. He slowly lifted his head and without a second thought I had scooped him up in my arms. I was trying to ask the people standing around if it was theirs, but just got a lot of blank expressions. Think someone must have been trying to sell them/him but then fled when the rain started. Anyway, before I knew it, I’d walked home with this tiny puppy under my arm. He slept through the night fine, and even ate a little food this morning. Think Milo thinks he has a little brother to watch out for, as he can’t take his eyes of him! I’ve attached a few photos here for your reference. We took ‘puppy’ (as we call him) to the vet on Tuesday afternoon and turns out he has a serious blood virus that contagious to other dogs!! Vet guessed puppy was only 1 month old at most… says owners prob knew he was ill and left him out to die. Apparently this virus can’t be ‘cured’ or ‘vaccinated against’… it’s just unfortunate and kills 30% of dogs if left untreated. The only option was to leave puppy at vet on a drip. Vet says he will be on drip for 3 days, and they will monitor progress. If he gets stronger, wants to eat and doesn’t be sick or have diarrhea, then he might pull through. I called yesterday to check on him and vet said he’s doing well – has a healthy appetite and his poo looks regular. Obviously we were most concerned about Milo. The puppy had come into contact with him – so we had to go home and completely deep clean the apartment! Vet says if Milo starts showing any symptoms then we must bring him in at once.

I know you’re probably inundated with these types of e-mail, but I had to try. I’m not sure we can manage two dogs, especially with the new licensing laws. He’s a gorgeous little thing, just needs a lot of TLC. I am planning to visit him at the Vet’s this afternoon, so will send another email to let you know how he’s getting on.

Anyway, if you could let me know our possible options I’d be grateful. Please understand – we are quite happy to take care/foster him until a suitable permenant home can be found. Vet thinks he will weigh 5-7kgs as an adult dog – if he makes it. Oh, and obviously the stripes are not real… he’s probably a beautiful golden colour in truth.

Thanks in advance. We think you do a great job, and would love to be better involved with your work !

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