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Meet Candido!

Name: Candido
Gender: Male
Race: Domestic Short Hair
DOB: April 2011
Health: Dewormed, deflead and vaccinated (including rabies shot)

My name is Candido! My kitten friend Persio and I were rescued on May 12, 2011 from Suzhou Creek (together with our kitten friend Isabella) because we had no food, no shelter, no roof, no protection and Persio was already sick. We were just abandoned to fend by ourselves in a small patch of garden. To make matters worse we were not only lacking medical attention, but we were also neglected by the people that owned the garden were we were living … sadly enough they had no intention to help us at all, nor they wanted anybody to rescue us!
Luckily Persio and I were rescued and, after a short stay in Petshome Veterinary Hospital, and lots of care and love, now we are doing pretty well and we have grown a lot! I already had all my vaccinations and I am dewormed and deflead!
My physical characteristics and personality are as follows (this is the opinion of my foster parent):
Candido: White and tabby fur (with a very cute brown triangle in the face), green eyes and black toes! Candido is a very active kitten, quite vocal, extremely playful and good for running and chasing. He loves toy mice and to play fight with Persio. However, when Candido is quiet, he loves to jump in your lap for you to pet him. Candido is much more active than Persio, and he is a very good brother (Candido enjoys grooming Persio when he is sleeping!). Candido is a very curious/naughty kitten (but in a good sense), LOVES food and to drink a little bit of milk every day, and to play with paper balls, toy mice and flowers.
I will be very happy to meet you, and if you adopt me I promise to be very good kitten! ;o)

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