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Saving ‘Footloose’ !!

** email received **

Last Saturday (August 27), we couldn’t resist rescuing an injured soaked stray tiny kitten.  No struggle when we caught her and when we put her in a carry-on bag.  Right there, we knew she’s a sweetheart or maybe she has no strength to fight. Kitten’s right foot was in very bad shape and looks like she was in terrible pain. There’s no doubt that she really needed an immediate treatment so we took her to Pets Home at Wuzhong Lu as fast as we could.  
Dr. Monica told us that the kitten is actually about 3 months old but being stray for awhile and having less sufficient food made her look a bit younger than she really is. Aside from giving her a tick and flea bath and spray, we had her foot x-rayed. Everyone in the room was thankful that the bones were intact. Whew!  
The doctor advised to keep her indoors and have her wounds cleaned twice a day for a month or at least or until cleared up.  She’s also taking antibiotic pills twice a day since Saturday for a week and then see if continuation is needed after our September 3 Vet’s visit. Otherwise, she was given a clean bill of health which was really nice to hear.
She started feeling much better yesterday, not much crying except when cleaning her wounds. She also gained weight and we are very happy that she drinks plenty of water. Got her a “rat” toy and boy! She wrestled that until the toy’s eyes detached.  Somehow she forgot about her injured foot.  She likes poking her face against mine, loves to have her belly rubbed and loves being brushed. We see that she’s progressing very well each day.
I started taking pictures from day 1 (August 27), recording every little improvement. Today, she started stretching her injured foot which she didn’t do before. Her name is “Footloose” but the new “parents” can change it if they desire.  Strange as it may sound but that was what “popped” out when we were asked about her identity. 
We have no problem doing all this for a month but already having 2 very territorial cats at home is a big issue and they’re making it difficult for us to work on the little girl. We will definitely have her de-wormed and her initials shots when necessary but the priority right now is to get her foot healed and functional. 
Although Footloose appears at ease that someone is taking care of her we feel regretful and sad that we cannot keep her.  Merely because of our cats but we’re leaving first week of October.  It is just entirely shameful to put her back to where we found her after all she went through. 
We are hoping that you could help us once again to find a wonderful loving parent to adopt her.  Footloose is so adorable and there’s no doubt she is fully capable of giving so much affection!
Thank you very much for lending a hand once again.

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