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Meet Athena

Athena is a super- cute 10 week old calico kitten .
She was rescued along with her 4 other siblings “the Hospital Five’ in the grounds of a hospital. The kittens were ‘meiyou mama’ and only 4 weeks old ,they didn’t stand a chance on their own.
The rescuer had to board them at the vet to be cared for a she was bottle-feeding another abandoned litter. Sadly Athenas’ 4 siblings one by one succumbed to illness and died leaving just Athena , the strongest and most resilient kitten. She is now perfectly healthy ,vaccinated and ready for a new permanent home.
She had spent so many weeks couped up in her boarding crate ,much of the time alone,that as soon as she got to her foster home with so much space and things to play with and climb on..she just had a ball!
She is fostered alongside Bonnie & Xiao Yang who have similar sad stories to tell  and would be more than happy to be homed with one of her best pals!
Please will you give Athena the chance to live in a happy,loving home? She is so cute & funny ..her confidence has grown since leaving the vet and she loves to play and then collapse on her back with her paws in the air!
She was the lucky kitten out of five to have survived so please help her also to find a lucky new home??



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