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‘My Donation’ – by Yi-Xin

During the last semester in school, we had a project in Health class called “Goal Setting” where all of us have to decide on a certain goal and build checkpoints to achieve the goal one step at a time. My objective was to raise 5,000 RMB, by myself, to finance Jaiya’s Animal Rescue. 
Originally, my idea was to raise 27,000 RMB in five weeks, but the sound of that was pretty senseless to everyone, including myself. So I narrowed it down to 5,000 RMB. My peers told me up front that earning 5,000 RMB would be ridiculous, and almost impossible. But my parents gave me their full support and told me to go for it. So with the encouragement from my family members, I spent the next five weeks gaining cash from the people at my school.
Through out the project, I’ve been working persistently to organize fundraisers and thinking up new ideas of raising money. I held bake sales where I baked mountains of brownies, I sold home-made Mother Day Cards which I exclusively hand-drawn myself, and I sold canned drinks which I purchased with my own money. Part of my ideas were also to make presentations and ask for donations at the end. Et cetera.  
Eventually, I concluded with a total of 4,447 RMB. 
Though I did not reach my goal which I set in the beginning, I’m still very pleased of what I’ve done. I’m also glad that my performance had reached up to many people and especially my expectations. In this escapade, I’ve learned that money doesn’t come easily and that you must work truly hard, and be full of discipline to achieve your target. 
Thank you Jaiya’s Animal Rescue for this wonderful experience!

** Take a look at the attached PDF File here! **

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