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Sweet Footloose (updated)

My name is Footloose. Strange it may seem but that was what my rescuers came across when they were asked about my identity atPetsHomeHospital.  I was soaked, tiny and injured when they found me meowing under the bushes. They brought me to Vet for immediate treatment, had a flea bath and spray and had my foot x-rayed. Everyone in the room including me was thankful that my bones are intact! Whew!

I’m becoming closer to my rescuers and vice versa.  However, they have two very territorial cats who kept hissing under my room door.  Regretful and sad my rescuers need to find me a home. I’m female and about 3 months old. I love showing affections by shoving my head against my rescuers faces each time I see them. Aside from being very playful, I fell asleep most of the time after my belly being stroke as shown below and I love being brushed too.  I am dewormed, vaccinated and in good health.

Please adopt a very affectionate me. I promise of a never ending love, compassion and enjoyable time together.   

I cannot talk to you directly but my rescuer Vinya can at 13761325592. 

I’m looking forward to seeing you. Meow  >^. .^<

** Previous post: https://jarshanghai.wordpress.com/2011/08/30/saving-footloose **

Sweet Footloose
Sweet Footloose



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