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Panpandada Awareness Campaign World Tour Shanghai Stop @ThinkAdoption

Think Adoption

Think Adoption

“Awareness is the first step of action. As more and more individuals develop pet adoption awareness,  hopes of a happy life will not be just a dream to a homeless pet.” @ThinkAdoption

Recently, to advocate homeless pet adoption and to raise pet adoption awareness, @ThinkAdoption together with renown Hong Kong designer PanPanDaDa launched a designer panda shaped coin bank named 【Panpandada】to aid 6 domestic animal protection agencies to find a new loving homes for homeless pets.

The【Panpandada】designer coin bank is offered in shinny white with bright orange lettering, with “Think Adoption” printed in front and a cute animal image printed in the back.  Specially designed for “Panpandada World Tour” campaign’s “Shanghai Stop”, it has a special limited edition production run of only 200 units and each priced at an affordable RMB 99.  All sales proceeds will be donated to the 6 domestic animal protection agencies listed on the Weibo (4 agencies located inShanghai, 2 inBeijing).  With the last two years, these agencies had not only rescued over 1000 homeless cats and dogs thru their own relentless effort and love for animals, but also encouraged more and more individuals to join this caring team to rescue, love, shelter, and adopt these adorable little animals.

With the launch of 【Panpandada】, @Think Adoption hopes to raise more individual’s adoption awareness.  All lives should be treated equally, each person/plant/animal, each natural being is cherished deeply and equally in our natural world.  As human beings who evolved to the top of our natural world, it is should be our responsibility to protect the lives of all other natural beings.    Let alone dogs and cats, with their loyalty, courage, intelligence, and kind-heartedness have been people’s closest companions since ancient history.   Once you’ve made the decision to bring them home, you should care for them and love them for life, just as yourself is loved and cared for since birth.  And especially to our homeless cats and dogs that have the unfortunate experience of being abandoned, will above all wish for a loving and responsible family.

To promote the idea of adoption to more places, to reach more people, to help more homeless pets find a family and receive the love they deserve, @ThinkAdoption launched the “Panpandada World Tour”campaign. The first stop is placed inShanghai, and will follow by bringing the adoption aware 【Panpandada】to cities such as Hong Kong,Beijing,Paris, etc.  Naturally, you can also send any photos of you and【Panpandada】from all over the world to Sina Weibo @ThinkAdoption to help us realize the dream of a grand world tour.

You can find 【Panpandada】at places below, on sale starting October 1st.

>>  100 Percent:72 Wuyuan Road, Shanghai, 021-54041678
>>  Catie Lo:105 Wukang  Road, Shanghai, 021-64734198
>>  I ❤ Pets Salon:468 Dagu Road, Shanghai, 021-63401299
>> PAW Veterinary Clinic:722-15 Xinhua Road,Shanghai, 021-52540611

All sales proceeds will be donated to help these Animal Protection Agencies below. If you would like to purchase a 【Panpandada】or to obtain more information, you can visit their Sina Weibo or their non-profit Taobao store.  Taobao store sales start October 10th.

>>  好狗好猫流浪狗义工团(TAOBAO:http://icatidog.taobao.com
>>  来福小院流浪动物救助 (TAOBAO:http://shop59933496.taobao.com
>>  好狗好猫义工团上海站(TAOBAO:http://idogicatsh.taobao.com
>>  上海流浪天使救助会(TAOBAO:http://shop67353259.taobao.com
>>  JAR Jaiya’s Animal Rescue (Sales drive will also be hosted on JAR Animal Adoption Days, earliest event will be on October 9th )
>>  SCAA http://scaashanghai.org/


For more information, please contact:
Weibo: @ThinkAdoption

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