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2 puppies available for adoption

My name is Sally Grellman. I’m an Australian woman living in Shanghai. Sadly, I found Sasha and Billy in Lujiazui being sold by a criminal woman. I identified immediately that they had been mistreated and the markings to create a tiger appearance is simply animal cruelty. They were being shoved inside a bucket and handled very roughly. I had to do something. I never would of forgiven myself otherwise and I’m certain they probably wouldn’t of survived another day or two. I certainly do not condone her trade but I bought the puppies in the hope of giving them a second chance. I got them home and it became even clearer how young they were, they couldn’t even walk (somewhere between 4-6 weeks). They were both shivering and one was sick. After rugging them up, I raced them to the vet on Eshan Lu. Sadly, the prognosis was grim. They told me, they have been separated from their Mum far too young and do not know how to feed themselves and ultimately will die of starvation. I just could not except that. I bought some special formulated milk which I mix with a colostrum & DHA powder to help encourage feeding and I feed through a syringe. They are responding really well now and making progress by the hour. They have no concept how to eat solid food yet. I’ve been trying to squash it up in my fingers and making little progress but we will get there.
My daughters sing them lullabies, making the pups feel safe and secure – It works too!! They were tested for many canine viruses and thankfully all were clear.
The pups need to find a very loving home – I’m hoping together as they make such a great team! They snuggle up together and look out for each other. We head back to Australia in the next year and Australian laws prohibit animals brought in from China. They stand a best chance of a forever home now while they are pups and the bond between the family and pups can start early.
I’m more than happy to discuss the puppies and for anyone interested in viewing them, please feel free to contact me on 18621001262.
They are absolutely precious little ones, fabulous with my young daughters and genuinely deserve a warm, happy family environment for the rest of their lives.

Kind Regards,


Puppies looking for a loving home

Puppies looking for a loving home

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