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JAR AD 4th Dec 2011

It was a nice yet crisp day where loads of our rescuers/foster parents turned up. It started off slow (thinking the majority of the crowd went to watch the Shanghai Marathon!) however it started picking up around lunch time and we had 8 animals find their forever homes! 
Thanking our volunteers, ongoing supporters (making 2 beautiful vinyl banners and ad boards), Simone & Gwen for making the Christmas Tree board & delicious cookies, Josephine for making JAR X-Mas cards, Western International School for their ongoing fundraising (currently at 3,000 RMB and rising), Shanghai American School for selling their awesome calenders (selling like hotcakes), passers by for donating blankets/used dog supplies for our ‘Donate Blankets/Sheets’ drive to the Sichuan Rescue Group and to the rest who donated gifts in kind/money!

We are looking forward to our next week’s AD!….come along and give our furry friend a nice Christmas present by giving them a loving home  😉