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Lost Dog?

Dear All,

I want to first of all wish you all a Happy Christmas and all the very best for the coming New Year 2012!

It’s the same ol’ story with many strays being rescued in the winter months, many abandoned and vulnerable animals being found; JAR and many other groups (individual rescuers too) are to the max and to top it all off, finding lost animals!

With that said, we do have a lost dog in our home (we hope it is lost as I hate the fact that someone abandons an animal!) and we are trying to look for her rightful owner. She was found by a student in Green Court 2 – Jinqiao (Pudong) near building 20 circling around a waterfall fountain. The student asked around the compound, asked the management office, we contacted Mignon Boutique & Doggy House and unfortunately they had no customers that have reported a missing dog. After a few hours making calls and asking around, we then took the dog in for fostering and had her checked at the vet.

She is approx 7 to 8 years old Pomeranian. Spayed, healthy and we are assuming that she was groomed either on the day or a few days before she was rescued as she smelt of shampoo! She is currently in our home, house trained, quiet, loves to cuddle and gets along well with other dogs (we know this as we have 3 of our own!)

Please circulate this message and we hope that she can be reunited with her owner(s). Otherwise, we are happy to foster her till a permanent home is found.

Thank you for your support and cooperation.


Kind regards,

Founder – JAR – Jaiya’s Animal Rescue

Website: http://jargroup.doodlekit.com
Blog: https://jarshanghai.wordpress.com
JAR e-mail: shanghaidogs@gmail.com
“… every animal deserves a safe, secure & loving home …”

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