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Rescued puppy….

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Everything went very well today. We took him to the vet and got him checked out. He is a healthy 2-3 month old mixed breed puppy. Right now he is only 1.2 kg and will grow to be small-medium in size. He was dewormed and defleaed. And at the very last moment a friend of mine offered to take him in as a foster! She can’t keep him though so we still need to find him a permanent home. I attached some photos of him to put up on the website.

Thanks so much for the information,

Sorry to bother you on your break, but Brooke Forseth and I rescued a dog today and now we are faced with the problem of what to do with him. We bought him outside Super Brand Mall when we were going to get some coffee. The woman was hitting him and had him in a bucket and he was freezing! So sad. We bought him for 100 kuai and now he is sleeping. He is drinking fine and has had a little bit to eat. We haven’t bathed him because we don’t want to risk him getting cold and sick. He is 3 months old, says the woman, and will stay small. He looks like a chihuahua mix or something. He is extremely friendly and is a total lap dog. I can’t keep him because my dog is scared of other dogs and Brooke is going to ask her parents if she can or not. I was wondering though if you knew someone who could take him in even as a foster home or what we should do next.

Thanks so much, and again sorry for bothering you with this while you are on your break.

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