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Haggis and Thistle aka Patch and Barbie

** email from family **

Hi Marvin,

Thanks ever so much for your concern and interest and for calling me so quickly.

I unexpectedly lost my job back in November and almost immediately received an offer to take the cats. We followed this up as it was reliable and were expecting to take them to their new home on this coming Saturday. Unfortunately the potential new owner suddenly pulled out this morning. This makes the situation extremely urgent as we leave for Hong Kong immediately after Chinese New Year.

As we will be passing through HK to Australia, but dates and locations are not confirmed the combination of addresses and time make it regrettably entirely impractical to relocate the cats as we would have wished. The arrangement to rehome the cats having fallen through right at the last minute despite long term planning has only added to the urgency.

We will also ask around our contacts but with Chinese new Year looming I doubt we will get much success. I do hope your contacts can arrange to take or foster the cats within the next 2 weeks as we have no alternative arrangement for them once we leave Shanghai.

The cats are very friendly and playful once they know you and great friends with each other and if a new home can be found they will be sent onward with a red packet each to cover the first couple of months food. They are in great condition and both about 2 years old, and have their favourite toys etc.

Many thanks!

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