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Residents shocked by sadistic cat killings

Author: Yang Jian
PublishTime: 2012-02-04 01:18:56
POLICE are seeking three teenagers suspected of brutally killing more than 10 stray cats over the Spring Festival holiday.

Almost daily over the break at the No.2 Taolin Neighborhood in Pudong, cleaners and residents discovered cats that had been disembowelled or had their throats cut.

“One day, I saw a dead pregnant cat whose belly had been ripped opened and a fetus taken out and left beside it,” said a resident named Lu.
He said incidents of cats being killed began last July, and had become increasingly brutal.
In another recent case, a cat’s head was smashed open and its brains scattered around.

The neighborhood had more than 40 stray cats, and residents often looked after them, said Lu. But now numbers were down to around 10.

Two boys and a girl have been seen chasing cats and shooting them with toy guns that fire plastic bullets, said another resident surnamed Wu.

“The taller boy was abusing a cat while another boy and a girl were cheering,” Wu said.

When confronted and asked why they were tormenting the animals, they told Wu that it was “interesting to hurt cats.”

Now police and residents are patrolling the neighborhood to prevent any more killings and the residents’ committee has begun visiting homes with teenagers.

Angry residents have also begun distributing notices across the neighborhood in a bid to identify the teenagers.

“We must find them and their irresponsible parents and educate them, otherwise it will be too late when they grow up,” the residents said on the notice.

Existing animal protection law does not cover cats.

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