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Missing cats

** Update (10th Feb, 2012) – Caesar came back home!!…Cleo is still missing 😦  **

In the late evening of December 3rd 2011, Cleo, a white female cat left her owners house for a short evening walk but never returned. Since she normally would only be away for a very short time (under one hour) the owners started worrying soon and started a big search. Unfortunately, they  didn’t find her.
Cleo is around two years old, female, spayed, white with a grey spot on the head and two very unique feature: a large blue spot in one of her eyes and a dark spot on her nose.

On February 3rd, 2012 the second cat of the family, Caesar, disappeared too!! He was let out around lunch time and never returned home.

Caesar is a black male cat, around two years old and neutered.

Has anyone seen these two cats?
They are normally not very keen of strangers but may be someone took them in because he thought they were abandonned cats? Both cats didn’t wear collars.

Compound name is Garden Inside Garden 西郊园中园 on 658 Gaojing Road (高
泾路658)close to Huqingping Road (近沪青平公路)in Qingpu.

Please contact Susanne at sma2206@yahoo.de
mobile 15921866200

Thank you for your help!!

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