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Bella is looking for a home

My name is Bella and I am 2 years old. I really can’t remember if this was always my name. I don’t think so.
But now it is. I was found in a Pudong compound seized with pain, hungry, dirty, unhappy and with a badly injured hind leg. I had been laying in that little corner for more than a day or two when my favourite person in the world – Marcel, found me. After been taken to several vets in Pudong and two lengthly painful operations behind me and then finally taken to the best vet ever – I now have 3 legs.
I have been with Marcel and his family for 1 year now. I love them dearly and they love me. My 3 legs don’t bother them but neither does it bother me. You see, I am just like any other dog. As a matter of fact, nobody notices that I have 3 legs until they take a closer look. I run and play just like any other dog. I have lots of friends in my compound and almost everybody loves me except this one old lady that refuses to let her dog off the lead. And the other creature that does not love me too much is Sausage. Well, she does love me in her own sort of way but I am just too playful for her. She is going to be 13. She lives with us or rather I live with them. She wants to rest and I want to play. I irritate her. 😦 The situation becomes stressful all round for Marcel and his family. They didn’t bank on having 2 dogs when they relocated to Shanghai. So… I came to the conclusion, with my family, that I need a new home! A big one! I would love a garden! 🙂 And I love children.

If you are interested in me then please contact Felicity on 136 71812144.

For your information I have a valid passport and I am up to date with all those painful needles they put into your back! Oh and for the record… people say I look like Jack Russel. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thank you so much for taking the time to read.

Bella is looking for a home...

Would be so grateful if you could help.

Felicity Langhans

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