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Rescued puppies

** Update: The puppies have been taken to the Eagle Valley Clinic. They all were checked over and they all unfortunately have a fever. There are 2 males and a female. The female is going to undergo an operation (lymph node issue) and an ear infection.
Thankfully, PAWS has 2 potential foster carers, however nothing has been set. We will know the outcome tomorrow. We are looking for permanent homes for these little darlings. Please spread the word!! **


Hello Marvin,

Please find some photos of three puppies that were found in the cage abandoned on the street;  one of the need urgent veterinary treatment;   currently they are in the small booth where security bicycle guards are hanging out (anfu lu – wukang lu) next to pines, i live close, just 3 min walk; but it s locked; its small, dark and very cold.  I provide  dog food and blanket.  They are there 5 days it’s too long; I have 3 doggies at home i cant take them, since i am not sure how healthy they are. I am worried;  we need to act asap. 

Thank you so much;  financially i can cover some veterinary expense, but most important is to find a foster parent; please help.

Thank you so much!!!!

Ivana 138 1629 0230

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