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Story of Lino

** UPDATE – Lino was successfully adopted **

** Rescuer’s message:


I rescued Lino on Sunday February 5th. I found him inside a cardbox, on the sidewalk, very near Wujiaochang. The cardbox was on the sidewalk and just in front of a convenience store. I talked to the lady in that store and she said that Lino was abandoned there that same day in the morning, so she put him inside the cardbox, left him in the sidewalk and gave him some food. She was not willing to take him because she already had another cat of her own.

When I saw Lino inside the cardbox, he looked small an very quiet (I assumed that he was quiet because of the extreme cold outside during that day). Shortly after, I took Lino to Petshome Veterinary Hospital where he was examined by Dr. Lo.
Lino had worms, fleas and was severely underweight for a 4 months old kitten (Lino had already changed a couple of teeth, so that is how it was estimated that he was around 4 months old). Sadly enough it was also discovered that Lino had a broken leg (the front right one) … this injury could explain why he was so small and undernourished (the broken leg most probably did not allow him to find food for quite some time).
Lino was hospitalized for one week, and he was treated for fleas and worms. He was also given plenty of food, and his front leg was on permanent care.
Currently, Lino is at my home. As you can see in the pictures, he is gaining weight and his front leg is really well (he even chases my other two rescued cats Persio and Candido). Lino is smaller than Persio and Candido, but he has a very strong personality and he does not mind to chase bigger cats… maybe he is like that because he was a street kitten?

According to Dr. Lo’s instructions, I will have Lino vaccinated in one more week, so after that he should be availabe for adoption or fostering (temporary home).

I truly hope some good person will like Lino and will offer him a forever “home sweet home” … if you are interested in him, please contact Alejandra at: alevasquez72@yahoo.com

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