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JAR’S 3rd Anniversary Party

Thank goodness for the weather holding out and giving us a chilly yet (eventually) splendid sunny & rainless day!!
Wonderfully, we adopted out 10 animals, 2 fostered and with 3 potential adoptions.

I would like to thank the following establishments and supporters for their contribution/sponsorship and for their dedicated efforts in making our adoption days succeed 🙂
COOL DOCKS Management and staff, W & PETS (for donating generously their dog food brand, handing out ‘FREE’ bags of animal treats and donating half of their proceeds to us (650 RMB), STARBUCKS for providing muffins, biscuits, sandwiches & hot drinks, volunteers (Gwen, Simone and friends)  in making and baking delicious cakes, cookies, muffins and waffles (raised a fantastic 1205 RMB!!), Vivian for baking and decorating a huge cake for JAR and finally, all our awesome volunteers for dealing with queries and handling rescuers/animals….we did have a large turnout!!
Thank you to our existing adopters who came with their dogs/cats and re-uniting with the rescuers! It was great to see you all again and seeing their adopted animals doing so well  🙂

Happy Birthday to JAR! May we be more successful and provide loving & permanent homes to the animals we have in care!

Thank you so much for your support……heartfelt thanks goes out to all!  🙂

Best wishes,

JAR – Founder

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