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Meet Master Shifu..

** rescuer’s blurb **

Saw Master Shifu, all white,first time morning 2 April. I was on my way to work and noticed he was totally lost, seemed like that he had just been left off there and not knowing what he was going to do. He wears a collar but no name on it. He was unhurt at that time physically but he was kind of dusty, The fur didn’t look so white anymore. Have looked for him this week as I knew he needed help, found him first today early evening. He was very calm but when we gave him food he was extremely hungry. I just couldn’t leave him outside, I brought him in but really need help very urgently as I have other pets. I am very grateful if you can help me. I am also trying with friends to see if there is any opening, at least for a foster home to start with.

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  1. salati
    May 3, 2012 at 12:51 am

    Do you think he would be able to share his life with a 3 yeas old girl very dynamic and a very friendly dog?We are a family living in appartement in Hongmei lu and we just have lost our wonderfull kitten cause of a big complication after sterilization surgery…So despite the sorrow we would like to give the opportunity to another car
    Bea 137 645 165 09

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