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Super friendly dog looking for a home…

** Rescuer’s message **

I hope you are well. I was coming out of Starbucks on Baoqing / Huai Hai Road Friday morning when a very sweet black and brown puppy without an owner came my way. I thought ‘she won’t come to me.’ She did. ‘But I don’t have a leash.’ I had a string from a camera bag that lended easily to the cause. ‘She won’t let me put her on a leash.’ She did. So I brought her to the office where she plopped down in relief. A better look at her stomach and a trip to the vet revealed that she is 2-3 years old (full grown but Tiny), and was pregnant.

My friend has taken her gladly for a few days over the holiday (I am out of town) and I am hoping you and your network might be able to help. To be honest, I am not too worried because she is such a nice girl! She is quiet (my friend literally took a nap while she gave birth under the bed), friendly but not clingy (she checks in, goes into another room to rest, checks back. She was obviously very people friendly, leash trained, and has been an absolute sweety with everyone she’s met — including poking and prodding vets. She is just very, very special and not a troublemaker at all.

My problem is that she gave birth today to 4 puppies. We have a lot going on right now and can’t take on this experience but I feel like providing a home for a nice girl and her puppies would be a lot of fun, especially for kids. She is also so nice, I think it is just a great thing to do for a very grateful girl.

Mother dog

Mother dog

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