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Sao Sao available for adoption

Hi Marvin,

Would it be possible to post this kitty on your website? She currently lives at Petshome in Gubei, she was abandoned while receiving treatment there. Her name is SaoSao and she is very friendly and playful. The staff at Petshome really like her. She is around 8 months old, has been spayed and vaccinated. One of her eyes is cloudy blue, but that is from an infection which she has been treated for, and she can still see.

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  1. Eli
    June 5, 2012 at 5:12 am

    when one of my cat was operated in Gubei hospital , Sao Sao was in the cage next door. I was very sorry to see her there, was very good and loving … we let a mouse toy that we had taken our cat to play with. Inmediatly Sao Sao came to give cuddles as thanks.I didn’t know the name of this cute cat until now.. Please help to NOT abandon any animal . Before you buy, adopts, many of they need you. And although they are no longer babies, It doesn’t mean that they can be very loving and friendly. Sao Sao luck in finding a new family to love you and never let you!

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