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Help needed for abandoned kitten

Message from the rescuer:

I was with my classmates in the park opposite to Raffles City in People’s Square yesterday and I saw this white kitten sick and lying beside the bushes. It’s eyes were totally closed. People were staring at it, making comments and walking on. I stood by her for a while and started walking with my friends again. I have always believed that life throws challenges at us in many different ways and it is up to us to decide if we want to take them up or not. I came back to my campus where I had an additional bag in my locker. I took that bag, went back to the park and picked her up. A young Chinese couple who was looking at the kitten bowed and thanked me. I didn’t want her to die in the park alone, hungry and in the dark.

Today morning, she woke up and both her eyes opened. She gave me a long stare and snuggled up to me. Then I called a pet shop and went to the place to buy her kitten food and feeding bottle. It was at Jin An. A Chinese guy took me close to the location of the shop. Then I got totally lost. A Chinese girl tried to help me without success. The kitten was crying and asking me for food when I left home. I started running on the streets asking everyone who could speak English. Then I reached somewhere I had no idea about and I was standing on the road praying to God and I heard puppies barking from across the street. There it was, the pet shop. The kitten is good now, I feed her when she is awake and she slept on me most of the time today. I tried to clean her up with a wet cloth. She isn’t totally clean but she has started cleaning herself by licking her paws. She urinated on her own, so her vital statistics are all fine and she already knows how to do some of the things on her own.

I have saved kittens several times but my granny and mom were there to take care of them. This is the first time I am doing it on my own. I just want her to survive and grow up into a big cat. I took this photo yesterday after I brought her home. She is much more cleaner now.

If you are interested in providing this lovely kitten with a forever loving home please contact Ranjeet Menon in the following e-mail: ranjeet.menon@hotmail.com

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