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Rescued kitten in need of a home

The story of the kitten:

Yesterday, I was walking past an apartment complex on my way to Skyline Mansion.  I noticed some young girls near an elevated flower bed, but didn’t think much of it.  As I got closer, they walked away and the closer I got to them I heard a crying sound.  I even looked at them and they looked back with no emotion.  In hindsight, I know now this was their plan…to drop the kitten in the flower bed for me to find it.  I stood there awhile waiting to see if the mother was around, but she was nowhere to be found.  The kitten started crawling over to the edge and would have fallen off the bed if I hadn’t picked it up.  If I hadn’t been there at the right time, it would have fallen to the sidewalk then a busy street of cars was not far away.  I volunteer at a cat rescue shelter and thought I could take it there, but they are full.  As you can see I’m in a predicament with finding this kitten a permanent home since we are leaving China on Monday.

The kitten is probably 3 weeks old and does not require bottle feeding or feeding during the night.  It actually has been eating soft food from a dish. The markings on the kitten are very pretty.

Please email me at this email address indian.hannah@yahoo.com or call 138-1829-0539 or 1391 870-3461

rescued kitten

rescued kitten

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