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Rescued kitten

This is the story of little KimChi:
KimChi was living in the garage of my apartment together with her mom and 4 siblings. Although it was not very clean the entire family got enough to eat from the guard of the garage. Two weeks ago I had to go on a trip for a week. When I came back the mother had been sold by the guard, her four siblings where too small to survive, leaving KimChi all alone and weakened. I took her in immediately and she is now grown to be a healthy and strong kitten. However as I am an exchange student I cannot keep her permanently and I would like to find KimChi a good home.

Karakter of KimChi:
KimChi is a very happy and playfull female kitten. As she is still of very young age ( around 5 weeks ) and we try to raise her to be a nice house cat. She is already trained to use the litter box and not to play with fingers and toes but with her toys. She does not meow for attention, sleeps through the night and knows that she is not allowed on the bed. She loves to play peek-a-boo hiding behind the corner en then run towards you to play. She has never bitten or scratched us and is used to different people picking her up. She does not like to take a bath but loves to be cleaned with her little comb.

She has been deflead but not been spade yet because of her young age. Please find a picture of her attached.

I will be leaving in a month and my heart would break if I cannot find her a good home before this time. Can you please help me?


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