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Cat needing a permanent/foster home

DEAR Marvin,

I wrote to you some months ago about our kittens,  which we managed to successfully re- home ourselves in the end 🙂 – the problem for us now is to re-home our beloved Bella, the mother. She is two years old and was planning on coming back to the UK with us but the costs have proven to be too great and we desperately need a loving family for her. I realise that your adoption days are scheduled but I am writing to you to ask if you know of any family who is willing to take Bella from us this week. She is fully vaccinated and can no longer have kittens, we have all the documents to verify this. I will be honest with you, I have been putting this matter off – Bella is being particularly clingy at the moment as she knows something is happening – it brakes my heart. I have contacted everyone I know here in Shanghai and I am praying that someone gives her a second chance like we did when we saw her on the the side of the street less than 10 days old – her story is like so many other cats here, I just want her to continue to be happy. I understand if there is nothing you can do, I know you are very busy.

Kind Regards in advance,


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Seeking unorthodox help

Hello fellow animals,

I’ve found myself in a bit of a situation, I’m leaving Shanghai on very short notice to Europe and I can not bring my beloved shih tzu, Kaegogi, with me directly because I do not have the 90 days necessary that he needs to wait. I had made arrangements with a friend but she’s had some urgent family business and had to return to the states earlier than expected.  And because he’s a shih tzu most airlines insist he flies in the cabin not under the plane this time of year, and I know United airlines won’t take him at all.

I’m leaving Shanghai July 14, very soon.  I’m looking for someone who can take him on a flight to the New York area or general New England area so he can stay with my sister and wait the necessary time to come to Europe.  I’d like to arrange to have him go before I leave, but realize this is insanely short notice, I can only hope that someone happens to be going home and has a kind heart to someone in need.  It’s also possible he can go to the Pacific Northwest where by father lives, or that he can stay on here with a friend for a few weeks longer.  Gogi has been my only constant for the last 8 years and I need him to be safe and nearby family so I know he’s safe and happy and I’ll see him again soon.

I of course will cover all his costs and will offer you compensation.  My sister will come directly to the airport to pick him up so there will be no carry over.

I know this is a long shot but sometimes you have to throw a hail mary.

Please contact me at if you could possible help.



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