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Kittens for adoption

Their Story:

About 6 weeks ago, we rescued a momma kitty and her 4 newborn kittens from our compound.  The compound management cruelly had tried to get rid of the kittens by separating them away from their mother.  The brave momma found her kitties one by one and brought them back to the building.  They were so sweet and helpless.  After seeing this, we could not watch someone harm the kittens again and took them in.  At the time, no organizations had room to take in a momma and her litter, so we created a safe place within our home to keep them until they were ready for adoption.  The kittens are now approx. 7-8 weeks old and have just weaned from their mother.  All kittens have been to PAWS clinic twice.  We will take them again for their vaccinations this week so they can be ready for the adoption day next weekend.

Since being in our home, these kittens have thrived.  They have gotten all of the good nourishment they need form their momma, who has also received a clean bill of health from the vet and has started vaccinations.  They have gained proper weight and have no infections.  They are well adjusted and been socialized with people, including our 6 year old daughter who loves to snuggle with them.  If we could, we would keep them all.  But apartment living with 4 kittens is getting a bit crazy :-).  They are active, curious and sweet.  They are sure to make wonderful companions for another family!

Meet our kitties:

1.  Boy – White with Grey tabby markings.  We call him Benny.  Benny is a sweet and lovable kitten.  He is the largest of the kittens, but is really gentle and is quite the momma’s boy.  He is very cautious and is more of an observer and a follower in the litter.  Once comfortable, he is a good snuggler, especially with his momma cat. He nursed the longest, hence his size :-).

2.  Girl – Calico with black markings on her forehead/face.  We call her Sweetie.  She is more adventuresome, but still very well behaved.  She started out small, but now is one of the best kitten food eaters and is picking up in size.  She is one of the most playful.

3.  Girl – Calico with no black directly on her face.  We call her Precious.  She was the smallest when born–so small that we actually wondered if she would make it.  But she has thrived and grown into a playful kitten that loves to be with her siblings.  She is healthy in size and is a good eater.  She is also the most trusting of the three kittens, sitting peacefully as you hold her.

I have also included a group photo of the kittens playing together and also a photo of Sweetie and Precious together.  They would make a great pair to be adopted together if a family is looking for two related cats.  These two not only look alike, but spend the most time together.  For reference, the black and white kitten is the 4th kitten, which we will be keeping.

Thank you again for all of your help in trying to find a loving home for these sweet kittens!

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