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Urgent: Sweet little pup looking for a foster home.

** We found her forever home!! **

Hi Marvin,

I found this puppy on the way back from the market today. I think she is about one month old. I asked around but was told she was left there crying since morning. The place I found her is very close to the street so I hv to take her home. Can u help me find her a permanent home and also a clinic or a foster who can take care of her as I wl fly back to Thailand on 3rd Aug. I really cannot keep her with me.

Pls help.


** PLEA:

27 July 2012,

I was having a very bad cold in the morning but food for stray cats i feed around my apartment compound was running out so i decided to go to Lotus to buy some.   On the way back home, I don’t know why i took the different route to walk to my apartment building.  The weather was nice and I enjoyed my walk but a cry from the bush along the walk way caught my attention.  I walked closer to that little voice, thought it must be one of the kittens as there are many around my compound.   To my surprise, it was a tiny puppy standing on the step crying.  I looked around hoping to find her mother so I could feed them both and just go home.  I walked up and down searching every bushes in the area but no trace of the mother.  I cannot leave the puppy there as she might get hit or run over by the cars.  I decided to take her with me.  With my super poor Chinese, i went knocking on the door of the houses around there and ask if the puppy belongs to anybody .  One woman told me she saw the puppy walking around since early morning but it doesn’t belong to any houses around.  I have no other choices but to take her home.  She is very young.  I would guess around a month old only.  With her tiny teeth she could hardly bite and chew a tender chicken pieces.   So I gave her tuna and rice.  I really cannot keep her as me and my husband we both have to travel many times a month.  I also have many stray cats and kittens around my apartment compound that i feed daily if I stay in Shanghai.  Some of them used to be a house pet but were left behind when the owners moved out.  I will write about them separately in the hope that I could find them home before Winter comes. 

I will be traveling back to Thailand on 3rd August and hope to find a foster or a permanent home for this tiny puppy.  I really don’t want to put her back on the street.  She is too young to survive without a mother. 

Please if you can spare a little corner at home and in your heart,  give this puppy a chance to have a life in a warm and loving home.

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Laura & Ashley are looking for their forever home….

Please find in the attachment the adoption forms and pictures of two kittens that I rescued in late May. I found them behind the bush surrounding the walls of my compound no more than ten meters away from a busy street almost always full of loaded trucks. By that time, they had already been there for at least a week, surviving mostly on scraps of discarded take-out food from a hairdresser’s place close-by. Upon closer inspection at home, I found what I thought was dirt were actually fleas that were attached to their thin bodies. There were so many of them that both kittens’ white fur looked a dirtish grey. Their ears were also filled with ear mites. I believe this sounds familiar to many of us, but no matter how many times you have seen it, or have dealt with it personally, it always affects you. After the kittens had a flea bath, ears cleaned, and had had the first proper meal since they had been separated from mommy, they let out a joint big sigh, and fell into a deep sleep in the cage almost immediately, hugging each other. Ever since then, they have been steadily improving, gaining on weight and size everyday. After long thoughts and discussion, we finally named them Laura and Ashley. They turned out to be beautiful and energetic kittens, no lady like at all. If they are not sleeping, or eating, they are playing, wrestling, chasing, jumping in and out of their cat tunnel, and “tormenting” the adult cats in the house. It is so much fun just watching them. Laura is the calico cat. She is the older sister, but bearing no marks of the caring older siblings. She is bold, and full of curiosity. She takes advantage of her size and weight to win wrestle battles with Ashley. From time to time, she makes silly mistakes that get her in trouble with the adult cats. While Ashley is shy, cautious, and very smart. She learned about her name long before her sister. When she is excited, she would let out those cute cries, eyes bright with excitement, leap up the stairs two a time, chasing after whatever that she sees.

I would be sorry to see them go, but I am afraid they need a new home, and they may need it fast, if not a permanent one, at least a foster home. The hurry is because of a cat named Julius. This past Tuesday, July 24th, on my way home from the local vet for vaccination shots, with Ashley in the cat carrier in my hand, I noticed this greyish lump on a block of cement off the sidewalk. It was in direct sunlight, lifeless. I paused, and had another look! It is becoming a second basic instinct. You are always looking out for that possible cat or dog in distress! To my shock, it was indeed a kitty! A white kitty! A dirty white kitty! I reached out without a second thought! Kitty raised his head to be petted. He also opened his mouth to answer my calls but no sound came out. I decided to take him inside the compound where I knew at least he would be safe. Then I saw the open sores on the right side of his body. It was a bloody mess. Someone apparently tried to help him. They shaved off a piece of fur and put on this purple liquid that dyed his fur. By then, I knew I had no choice but to take him home. When I picked him up, kitty went completely limp. He stayed in my arm all the way, never fought for once. His suffering didn’t stop in the open sores. He was so weak. I worried about other illness, and I found it. When he tried to sit up to eat, I saw the left back leg was bent in an unnatural angle. My heart sank. I knew from my recent experience of rescuing a cat badly injured in a car accident, that this kitty had a broken leg. Off we went to the vet again the same day. After a thorough check up in Eagle Valley by Doctor Sunny Sun, we found out that this particular kitty indeed had a broken leg that his body had been tring to heal with the actual bone still in two pieces. The open sore on the side of his body was from nasty bites from other cats. He was also having a bad cough, thus lost his voice. Because his back teeth had been broken off, there was no way to tell his age. We only know that he is still a young cat, five to six months old probably. And he is a boy for sure. Just how many bad things can possibly happen to one single cat!

Lucky for us, me and Julius (we named kitty after the great Julius Caesar!). In my latest attempt at saving rescued cat Evania, who was run over by a car, I was introduced to Dr Tony Beck from Doctors Beck and Stone, a great surgeon and a passionate vet by our greatest Stephanie from Eagle Valley. He saved Evania’s leg. Hers was another heartbroken story I would like to tell you at some other time. Once again, we seek out Dr Beck’s help. He immediately fit Julius into his tight schedule and operated on him on Thursday, July 26th. The surgery went on very well. Julius has already begun standing on four legs and welcomed me with his silent meows and lots of purr. Doctor Beck has also featured Julius on their website. If you are interested, you can visit their website at for the medical details about his injury and his surgery. There was also a picture of me holding Julius, but only my hands were showing.  At least not my big teeth!

This brought me back to Laura and Ashley again. Julius is scheduled to come home on August 3rd if everything goes on well with his leg. He would still need at least another three weeks for the bone to properly heal and his leg fully functional. That means by then I would have 11 cats home, and I would need to pay very close attention to Julius’ leg. I wouldn’t mind the work at all. It would make me feel very happy if I can help with Julius’ recover. But I dearly hope someone can adopt Laura and Ashley as they are healthy, strong and so adorable. Or maybe some family would be so kind as to foster them for me until they can find a permanent home.

Anything you can do to help Laura and Ashley would be deeply appreciated, but please feel no pressure. I understand this is hard time. Almost everybody has kittens waiting to be adopted. Just yesterday, we met a couple of kittens living a hard life in a short ten minutes walk. ! You know you can’t save them all, but it is still so hard.

Horrors of China’s meat trade

500 dogs stuffed into lorry in appalling conditions before being served up in restaurants.

More than 20 animal rights activists stopped the vehicle at a service station on the Jingha Highway in an effort to them, but were beaten back by thugs.

Full Story:  

25 July 2012

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A Sad Story of My Wild Cats in an Expat Compound Community:

This is a story about what has happened to the wild cats in the compound where I was living.  Hopefully, my story will urge other compounds to take a proactive approach to TNR and not do what the people did in my compound.  Also, it is a warning for those people who let their family cat or newly adopted cat outside in these expat compounds.

In May 2010, shortly after my dog died, a young wild male cat about one year old showed up on my doorstep starving to death.  He could hardly walk and was very lethargic.  I started feeding him and after a couple of days his mother and younger sister (12 weeks old) joined him.  Then about six months later his mother’s sister joined the clan.  I was feeding four wild cats at my house in a compound near the BISS and SCIS schools in the Kangqiao area.  They all thrived and were happy and healthy.

In the Spring of 2011, the females had kittens, 2 litters for two of them.  A big thank you to JAR and their foster families in helping take care of the kittens and getting them all adopted out.  Eight kittens in total have new loving homes.  I was able to get all the adult cats spayed and neutered.  The male cat was in the hospital for a month with cat flu.  The young female cat came home after being spayed but a short time later was attacked by a dog and was in the hospital for eight months.  All these expenses I paid for.

In the Fall of 2011, we returned to the US.  I knew people were not at all happy with me feeding the four wild cats even though many knew I had all my cats spayed and neutered and the kittens were adopted.  But the events that occurred after I returned to the US has left me with incredible sadness and anger.

A lady offered to continue feeding and caring for my cats at an empty house across the street.  The day after I left to the US, a full blown attack was made against this lady and the wild cats.  There was verbal abuse, physical abuse and threats made to the lady.  People in the compound relentlessly complained to the Property Management.  They went to the Chinese homeowner where the cats were being fed and complained.  Supposedly, he was going to take legal action.  So this lady quit feeding the cats, but the people in the compound continued their rampage on the wild cats.  A large group went to the Property Management and demanded they take action to get rid of all the wild cats in the compound.  The stories used to make their case were lies and exaggerated tales.  Some of them were quite unbelievable. 

The Property Management agreed to capture and kill all the wild cats.  I am most positive that the cats were not humanely captured or humanely put down.  They suffered a miserable and unnecessary death.

I am shocked and saddened by the actions and behavior of these expat people towards the lady and the wild cats.  I am struggling to understand how they have justified their actions and the outcome.  

I enjoyed my time I had with my wild cats.  I took on feeding them but with that came the responsibility in making sure they were healthy and couldn’t reproduce.  It wasn’t easy and it takes times, patience and money.  But it was all worth it.  Sadly, the outcome for my wild cats did not go the way I had hoped.

** More information to follow **

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Man dies stopping dog-meat dealer

** Source: Shanghai Daily – **

A DOG-MEAT dealer was detained after he was accused of killing a man by sticking a poisoned needle into his head as the victim tried to stop him from killing dogs, police said yesterday.
The incident occurred at the crossroad of Jiajian Road and Liye Road in Jiading District about 6:57am on Sunday when the victim saw the dog-meat dealer catching dogs by poisoning them, police said.
The victim, a 37-year-old man surnamed Zhao, tried to stop the dealer, a man surnamed Li.

The two fought and Li stuck a needle into Zhao’s head, police said.
Zhao fell into coma and died in a nearby hospital at 9am. Li surrendered.
Li killed strays and pets and sold them to restaurants. He could earn 200 yuan (US$31.31) a day, local media reported.

Pictures uploaded by witnesses show dozens of dead dogs in Li’s car. A syringe with a bottle of poison was nearby.
Pet welfare volunteers are appealing on Weibo for people not to eat dogs, as many served in dishes at small restaurants were poisoned.
Last Wednesday, a man was caught by police in Haining City of Zhejiang Province for shooting dogs with a crossbow and poisonous arrows. The man told police he killed the dogs to eat or sell to restaurants, Zhejiang media reported.
An official surnamed Zhu with Zhejiang Small Animal Protection Association said eating poisoned dogs is harmful to human health and may cause death.

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Tria available for adoption…


About 3 weeks ago my husband and I found a calico kitten about 5 weeks old by the roadside. The kitten which we named Tria (meaning no.3 in Greek because of her 3 colors) has been dewormed,free of fleas and vaccination was done last Saturday. I am currently fostering Tria and she is in pink of health, ready for adoption. I wish to put her picture in your website and hopefully someone will be able to adopt her. I have attached pictures of her. Awaiting your reply.

Thanks Ilah

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Hi, I am Nike!

** Nike was adopted at our 5th August JAR Adoption Day! **

She is a stray cat near my apartment. I have been feeding her time to time lately. She seems to be around 5-6 month old. She’s been great with other cats. She always had a companion,but the cat disappeared and she’s alone now. She trusts people. Very friendly and purry. Even when I call her for foods, she just want me to tickle and to stroke her head and stomach. I call her, Nike[nǐːkɛː] the Winged Goddess of Victory. This is a temporally name. Today I caught her peacefully and brought back home. I will bring her to Vet tomorrow for spaying. Since she’s super friendly to people and other cats, I think she would make great second cat. I myself have 2 girls and they take care of each other. Stray cats would not survive long. Their life is tough. Cats can be great friend to people. So I’m hoping someone would take her as family. My cat is totally against to have another one, so I need to find someone!

Spaying, de-worming and first vaccine would be paid on my side.

Hope she would be your Goddess of Victory!

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