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A lovely young female cat turned up in our lane in Tai Yuan Lu around 10 days ago – She  is super friendly and hangs around our lane most days  where she is fed by me and also another resident in our lane.

Having asked several neighbours( who also noticed her presence )I found that she has no known owner here. My direct neighbour has tried to persuade me to take her in but I have many foster kittens in my care for the next few weeks and then I am travelling back to the UK for the whole of August.

I took her in to Eagle Valley vet yesterday to be speyed not wishing to return from my trip to find her heavily pregnant like most street cats are during the summer months. To the vets surprise she was found to already have an old surgical scar indicating that she had already been sterilised. She was given a flea and de worming treatment and first vaccination and I returned her to our lane. The fact that she is really friendly ( I can even pick her up) and that she has been speyed indicate that she was at some point somebody’s pet cat…so she is either lost or has been dumped. She has no collar or microchip.

If anyone recognises this cat please contact Josephine at josephinewyatt@live.com

She is living in Tai Yuan Lu near Fenyang Lu in the French Concession area.

If anyone is willing to take her in to foster -even temporarily – till I return from my trip in September- please also contact me.

Do you recognise me?

I am lost…

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