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Bunny needing help….

Dear All,

Please see email and photos attached of a rabbit desperately looking for a home!!

Please circulate it around. It is a tough time due to many foreigners being away on vacation and potential adopters/foster carers are slim.

Thank you for your help and please let us know if you have anyone interested.

Thank you.



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“… every animal deserves a safe, secure & loving home …”

At 2012-07-10 16:53:57,”Giuseppe Giarratana” <joseph.giarratana@gmail.com> wrote:

Good morning Ms Dan,

i’m Giuseppe and I got his contact from Gina Walker. I’m a model and I’m in Shanghai for job, one my roommate two weeks ago by a little rabbit, now this stupid girl left, and I take care about this rabbit, but soon I’ll leave too and i don’t know where I can leave this little animal. I’m worry for it, because I don’t want leave it with others models, I would like leave it in a save place. Please, can you help me for to find this good place?

I give you my phone number, but I wanna tell you that my english is not so good….:) 158-0095-3445

Thank you so much in advance.

My very best,


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