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Snoopy the kitten…..

Hi Marvin
Thank you for getting back to me.
I’ve actually put Snoopy in Dr Beck & Stone’s for a month to give him some time to recover from his skin fungus. Josie recommended them. Once he his skin/fur has recovered and he has been vaccinated and then he can be with other cats which I think will make him easier to place into a foster home?
Please find attached some photos of him. He is the friendlist little thing and will make someone a great pet once his fur is back to normal.
It would be great if you could circulate his photos though.
Thank you.
Best wishes
Hi Marvin
I have found a little kitten (about 3 months old) who has a very sweet, affectionate nature but he has a fungus infection in his fur which is highly contagious to other cats. As I have cats myself this means I can not take him in to give him the bi-weekly medical baths he needs and daily medicine.
I wondered if you knew of anyone at the moment who might be able to foster him until his skin condition clears up? I would pay for the cat food, cat litter and medical shampoo and medicine needed for this specific fungal condition.
I did ask Eagle Valley Vets if they could board him but unfortunately there is no room there right now nor is there at PAWS.
He is a really affectionate little fella, although he looks awful, his tail and paws are pretty much bald and a lot of his fur is matted. BUT he can get better with the right treatment and he would ultimately make someone a lovely pet as he just loves to be handled and stroked.
I’ve had to put him back where I found him and I am giving him medicine in his food but the vet didn’t seem to think it was a good idea to give him bi-weekly baths and then put him back outside again in case he caught cold.
I know that JAR is probably full of stray, sick kittens right now and that a lot of people are away for the summer so this is a long shot but I felt I had to ask if you knew of anyone in the hopes that maybe by some miracle someone could help out. He is a high maintenance case because of the baths and he has to be the only cat in the household so he doesn’t pass on the fungi infection to any other cats.
Please do let me know if there is anyone you can think of who might be able to help.
Thank you.

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