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Two little grey kitties looking for a home

These two adorable little grey kittens do not have a home, and are currently just being fed milk and scraps by the people who live in my complex. I have not seen their mother around or any other little siblings.

They look like they are a few weeks old. The bigger one always comes out to get human interaction is still a little
distrustful of humans. You can already tell that he would make a very curious and playful companion though. The little one (on the right in the top photo) is already very loving.

I took them home two nights ago out of the rain to feed them and shelter them from the rain. They are well behaved, healthy and surprisingly even toilet trained. I think they will also grow up to be very attractive cats.
The bigger one in particular has beautiful big blue eyes (I couldn’t manage to get any good photos).
Unfortunately my boyfriend is allergic to cats, so we cannot care for these little creatures.

If you are willing and/or able to give these little guys a home, please give me a call on 13611 902 130 or email me at judy.shum@hotmail.com and I can bring them over to you.



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