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A Sad Story of My Wild Cats in an Expat Compound Community:

This is a story about what has happened to the wild cats in the compound where I was living.  Hopefully, my story will urge other compounds to take a proactive approach to TNR and not do what the people did in my compound.  Also, it is a warning for those people who let their family cat or newly adopted cat outside in these expat compounds.

In May 2010, shortly after my dog died, a young wild male cat about one year old showed up on my doorstep starving to death.  He could hardly walk and was very lethargic.  I started feeding him and after a couple of days his mother and younger sister (12 weeks old) joined him.  Then about six months later his mother’s sister joined the clan.  I was feeding four wild cats at my house in a compound near the BISS and SCIS schools in the Kangqiao area.  They all thrived and were happy and healthy.

In the Spring of 2011, the females had kittens, 2 litters for two of them.  A big thank you to JAR and their foster families in helping take care of the kittens and getting them all adopted out.  Eight kittens in total have new loving homes.  I was able to get all the adult cats spayed and neutered.  The male cat was in the hospital for a month with cat flu.  The young female cat came home after being spayed but a short time later was attacked by a dog and was in the hospital for eight months.  All these expenses I paid for.

In the Fall of 2011, we returned to the US.  I knew people were not at all happy with me feeding the four wild cats even though many knew I had all my cats spayed and neutered and the kittens were adopted.  But the events that occurred after I returned to the US has left me with incredible sadness and anger.

A lady offered to continue feeding and caring for my cats at an empty house across the street.  The day after I left to the US, a full blown attack was made against this lady and the wild cats.  There was verbal abuse, physical abuse and threats made to the lady.  People in the compound relentlessly complained to the Property Management.  They went to the Chinese homeowner where the cats were being fed and complained.  Supposedly, he was going to take legal action.  So this lady quit feeding the cats, but the people in the compound continued their rampage on the wild cats.  A large group went to the Property Management and demanded they take action to get rid of all the wild cats in the compound.  The stories used to make their case were lies and exaggerated tales.  Some of them were quite unbelievable. 

The Property Management agreed to capture and kill all the wild cats.  I am most positive that the cats were not humanely captured or humanely put down.  They suffered a miserable and unnecessary death.

I am shocked and saddened by the actions and behavior of these expat people towards the lady and the wild cats.  I am struggling to understand how they have justified their actions and the outcome.  

I enjoyed my time I had with my wild cats.  I took on feeding them but with that came the responsibility in making sure they were healthy and couldn’t reproduce.  It wasn’t easy and it takes times, patience and money.  But it was all worth it.  Sadly, the outcome for my wild cats did not go the way I had hoped.

** More information to follow **

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  1. kannika
    July 28, 2012 at 2:06 pm

    very sad how people could be so heartless to these poor animals. i also feed the wild cats around my compound and there are also couple of ladies who do the same. problem is none of them were spayed and neutered and they muliply so quickly. When they were young, they are cute so people play and feed them. But when they grown up people are not interested anymore but the cats do not realize it. They are used to be fed so they keep waiting and crying and going to people to ask for food. But now they are just wild cats so mostly people chase them away or throw things at them. This is why i start giving them food. Two of these wild cats are so tame that i have a feeling they used to be house cat. I hope at least i could find loving home for these 2 friendly cats. The 3- colors cat in your photo looks exactly like one of the 2 friendly cat i feed.

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