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Man dies stopping dog-meat dealer

** Source: Shanghai Daily – http://www.shanghaidaily.com/nsp/Metro/2012/07/24/Man+dies+stopping+dogmeat+dealer/#jtss-fb **

A DOG-MEAT dealer was detained after he was accused of killing a man by sticking a poisoned needle into his head as the victim tried to stop him from killing dogs, police said yesterday.
The incident occurred at the crossroad of Jiajian Road and Liye Road in Jiading District about 6:57am on Sunday when the victim saw the dog-meat dealer catching dogs by poisoning them, police said.
The victim, a 37-year-old man surnamed Zhao, tried to stop the dealer, a man surnamed Li.

The two fought and Li stuck a needle into Zhao’s head, police said.
Zhao fell into coma and died in a nearby hospital at 9am. Li surrendered.
Li killed strays and pets and sold them to restaurants. He could earn 200 yuan (US$31.31) a day, local media reported.

Pictures uploaded by witnesses show dozens of dead dogs in Li’s car. A syringe with a bottle of poison was nearby.
Pet welfare volunteers are appealing on Weibo for people not to eat dogs, as many served in dishes at small restaurants were poisoned.
Last Wednesday, a man was caught by police in Haining City of Zhejiang Province for shooting dogs with a crossbow and poisonous arrows. The man told police he killed the dogs to eat or sell to restaurants, Zhejiang media reported.
An official surnamed Zhu with Zhejiang Small Animal Protection Association said eating poisoned dogs is harmful to human health and may cause death.

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