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Urgent: Sweet little pup looking for a foster home.

** We found her forever home!! **

Hi Marvin,

I found this puppy on the way back from the market today. I think she is about one month old. I asked around but was told she was left there crying since morning. The place I found her is very close to the street so I hv to take her home. Can u help me find her a permanent home and also a clinic or a foster who can take care of her as I wl fly back to Thailand on 3rd Aug. I really cannot keep her with me.

Pls help.


** PLEA:

27 July 2012,

I was having a very bad cold in the morning but food for stray cats i feed around my apartment compound was running out so i decided to go to Lotus to buy some.   On the way back home, I don’t know why i took the different route to walk to my apartment building.  The weather was nice and I enjoyed my walk but a cry from the bush along the walk way caught my attention.  I walked closer to that little voice, thought it must be one of the kittens as there are many around my compound.   To my surprise, it was a tiny puppy standing on the step crying.  I looked around hoping to find her mother so I could feed them both and just go home.  I walked up and down searching every bushes in the area but no trace of the mother.  I cannot leave the puppy there as she might get hit or run over by the cars.  I decided to take her with me.  With my super poor Chinese, i went knocking on the door of the houses around there and ask if the puppy belongs to anybody .  One woman told me she saw the puppy walking around since early morning but it doesn’t belong to any houses around.  I have no other choices but to take her home.  She is very young.  I would guess around a month old only.  With her tiny teeth she could hardly bite and chew a tender chicken pieces.   So I gave her tuna and rice.  I really cannot keep her as me and my husband we both have to travel many times a month.  I also have many stray cats and kittens around my apartment compound that i feed daily if I stay in Shanghai.  Some of them used to be a house pet but were left behind when the owners moved out.  I will write about them separately in the hope that I could find them home before Winter comes. 

I will be traveling back to Thailand on 3rd August and hope to find a foster or a permanent home for this tiny puppy.  I really don’t want to put her back on the street.  She is too young to survive without a mother. 

Please if you can spare a little corner at home and in your heart,  give this puppy a chance to have a life in a warm and loving home.

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  1. Cati Ramos
    July 27, 2012 at 4:26 pm

    Hi! My name is Cati! I would love to keep this puppy! I am not currently working so I’d take care of her! the thing is that I am a foreigner and I don’t know how these things work in Shanghai!

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