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Animals looking for their forever homes…..

She currently lives at Petshome in Jing An, she was rescue in the street by a lovely couple and she bring her to have treatment in petshome clinic. Her name is Foxy, but in the clinic knows her by Mike . She is very friendly and playful. She has Demodex, skin problem (very very rarely spreads to humans). She has been treated for, and in a few months she will recover complete.

To adopt Foxy contact:


She currently lives at Petshome in Gubei, she was abandoned while receiving treatment there. Her name is SaoSao and she is very friendly and playful. The staff at Petshome really like her. She is around 8 months old, has been spayed and vaccinated. One of her eyes is cloudy blue, but that is from an infection which she has been treated for, and she can still see.

To adopt Sao Sao contact:

Gu Bei Hospital
Wuzhong Rd, 507
Tel.- 624 255 99


Scabby was found abandoned in a cardboard box. It was obvious she had some skin disease, had not had proper nutrition or mother cat’s love in a while. Despite her condition, this tough little kitten was still playful and purred when fed and given a little attention. Now Scabby is kept in the clinic for about 2 months to keep her recovering. She is getting a medicinal wash once per week and is fed ding proper kitten food. When Scabby is released in 2 weeks, she will needs all the love she can get. Searching  with hope for loving and care  parents, she needs to grow up out side the hospital, in a good and lovely home.
Please help us to find a loving and staple home for little Scabby!


This lovely kitten is Xiao Li! As some of you might remember, he was taken to Petshome Veterinary Hospital (Jing An) several months ago, after having an accident in the street that left him temporarely unble to move his hind legs.
The good news is that he recovered completely and now walks, jumps and plays like any other 9 months old kitten. The bad news is that he was abandoned in the hospital by his rescuer.
The doctors and nurses have been taking good care of him, and he already received all his vaccinations and medical treatments. If you like cats and will like to adopt this cute kitten, please contact Petshome Veterinary Hospital (Jing An) . Thank you very much!To adopt Xiao Li contact:

Jing An Hospital
ChangNing Rd, 131
Tel.- 622 661 12

 ATU – ** He was adopted at our Adoption Day (Cool Docks) **

Another dog was abandoned outside Petshome in Gubei. She is a 2-3 month old puppy, called Atu (means earth in chinese). She has been dewormed and de-flead and has had the first round of vaccinations. She is very friendly and curious. The staff at Petshome were wondering if you could put her picture on your website in hope of finding her a home? They are willing to look after her until she finds one.

To adopt Atu contact:
Gu Bei Hospital
Wuzhong Rd, 507
Tel.- 624 255 99

Sunny is a champ!! She was found just only with 2 weeks old , in the streets without a mother who fed and protect her, without any opportunity to survive. Her rescues took her to Petshome hospital in Jing An, to try to save her little life. When petshome ‘s doctors star feeding Sunny , she proved what kind of  wonderful, sweet and figthing she is.
Sunny is also still there … healthy and safe, but waiting to find a forever loving home too

To adopt Sunny contact:

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