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Rufus for adoption…

** Update – Rufus found his forever home from our Adoption Day! **

Rufus was found wondering around the parking lot of my compound, hiding under cars from the blazing summer sun. He managed to escape the fate of showing up on the menu of the local hotpot restaurant, but didn’t move fast enough from the crushing wheels which completely broke his right palm, so the first time I saw him, he was limping badly, scrambling under cars on sight of anybody getting close. As he was badly terrified and shaken, it was quite a struggle to put the leash on him and we had no choice but to drag him home screeching and doing everything he could to resist. But Rufus is an intelligent dog. He knew by instinct whom he can trust. He warmed up towards us almost immediately once he was safely inside the house and by the next day, I could already take him for a nice walk around the compound. He never pulled on the leash once. It became obvious that he was abandoned in the first place. Now he has been de-wormed, deflead and has had his first round of vaccination shots. His broken palm has been checked and properly taken care of by vets from Doctors Beck and Stone. We would like to find him a loving home and preferably patient owners with experience on taking care of young dog.


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