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My Stray Cat Project

** Vanessa is an animal lover and has been a true supporter for JAR. She has recently been heavily involved in doing our TNR and so far she has been successful! Please see her progress below….  **

From August 2010, I have witnessed the poor quality of life that stray cats, around the compound where I live (KangQiao BanDao), have to suffer. Since then, I have been providing them food, water, some basic first aid and in some cases. However, we have gone through major processes of rescuing injured cats too.

Thanks to JAR for arranging a vet that handles their TNR program!

The first cat to be recued was Mister Mittens, a lovely male black and white cat who used to have 4 white paws. He was victim of a nasty trap designed apparently to trap rats but which have left already 2 cats (that I’ve seen) with their limbs amputated. The process of trapping Mr Mittens was unsuccessful at the beginning and it took over 2 weeks to manage to trap him and check his wound right there from where his hand had sadly already fallen out. He is still in very good condition, for a stray cat, and despite his disability, he can manage to search for food and is back to being friendly to us.
Mister Mittens

The second main case was Coco Pops. We heard this cat in distress by a canal around our area and when we tried to get him out, we found he had been caught in one of these nasty traps. We rushed him to the vet hospital where they removed the trap from his paw and after some X-Rays, they confirmed no bones had been compromised. We took him home to recover and stayed with us for 20 days while we tried to find his owners as it had already been neutered and behaved like a friendly house cat. Coco Pops’ name was actually Pepsi, and his owners were a nice Chinese family who were very grateful to have him back.
Coco Pops

The next sad story is Whitey. I was told Whitey used to be a house cat whose owners decided to put her in the streets when they left the compound. She had not been spayed and soon she bred 3 kittens. She looked very poorly during this time but the kittens managed to survive in the streets and are all adults now. During the second time Whitey had become pregnant and given birth, her poor body was so badly nourished that her hips had become dysplastic and she could not walk at all. We rushed her to the vet and she was prescribed some medicine to strengthen her hips. She stayed in our house where she was given a rich diet to make her stronger and remained being medicated. But the problem was her kittens that had been left apparently alone.

To my utter surprise, instead of 3 kittens there were 7 kittens as Tia, one of Whitey’s adult kittens, had had kittens of her own and this good soul was looking after all 7 of them! As soon as Whitey was back on her feet and strong enough to go through surgery, she was spayed. In the meanwhile, while recovering in our home, we trapped what we thought were 2 of her kittens, however, she rejected them. Luckily, the kittens were happy to eat wet and solid food and after being checked by the vet, de-wormed, de-flead and shot, they came to stay in our house.
Whitey is very tame and I would have loved it if she could have gone to live to some house but nobody I knew wanted her. So, sadly she had to return back to the streets. She continues to be friendly to us and is fed everyday by me. I hope that eventually one day I may find a home for her.

The next case is Tia. She was born in the streets and was had been very skinny after caring for 7 kittens. As soon as she gained my trust, she was rushed to the vet to get spayed. She stayed over for 4 days and they next 3 days of recovering she was in my house where she was fed rich in protein food and was cared for. Once the stitches of her surgery had fallen, she was returned to the street. In her case, it would take her a long time to get used to living in a house, she is very nervous, does not trust new people and does not like to be picked up.

The last case so far is Tinky Winky. He is apparently one of Whitey’s  rejected kittens who is still in my house. He is 2 months old now, he is very used to human’s touch, he is very friendly and purrs for everything, he loves eating, sleeping and playing so he would make a great house cat and a perfect pet for anyone! Sadly, despite my continue advertising and almost begging friends to take him, he has not found a home yet. He has been de-wormed, de-flead, given a first shot and he is used to have his nails gently clipped.
Tinky Winky

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