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The story of A Jiao

The story of A Jiao:

A Jiao’s story starts from Coda, another lost dog that was sent to us for care. Coda arrived in the beginning of July. After the checkup, we estimate that she is at least 9 years old and suffers from mild cardiac conditions. It might be difficult to find her a new home. We kept Coda with us and she lived her normal life in our hospital with daily walks outside. On July 10, during one of her walks outside the hospital, a little puppy came out from a corner of a street and started following coda. Jade, our nurse who took Coda for the walk came back with both of them. The female puppy is quite shy and cute, and we named her ” A Jiao”, meaning “pretty” in Chinese.

Witness at the corner of the steet said that she was thrown out from a car that morning and she remained there completely scared. Coda was the first thing she trusted and followed. A Jiao was very small, we think she was around 2 months old then. She didn’t trust anybody but she accepted our handling and friendship.We performed fecal exams, de-wormed her, and vaccinated her on July 20 for the first time. She was vaccinated the second time on Aug.10 and the she should receive her last booster at the end of Aug. A Jiao is very healthy. Now at 3 months of age, she weighs 5 kg. She is house-trained but of course, she is a puppy and can’t hold her bladder for too long.

A Jiao has become very affectionate and accepts manipulations from human caretaker which is very important for future visits to vets. A Jiao is extremely friendly with other dogs and cats and she is used to their presence in the hospital. Let’s talk about her look. She is a mixed breed with short hair which means, very low maintenance regarding her coat. She has this heart-melting expression that we can’t stop loving her. She might be born with not importance but luckily she now has us, who decide to give her away only to a loving home that will love her and take care of her till the end of her days.

** Health Town Veterinary Hospital (http://www.healthtownvets.com/ ) in Qing Pu district offers all rescued animals 40% discount on their medical fees.
They will also look after her health by providing 40% discounts on her medical fees for life, in order to thank her future mom and dad. So, if you like A Jiao, she is a perfect pet and company and you also have us at your side for her **

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