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Sweet natured kitten….snoopy

Poor little Snoopy was found in a housing development in quite a bad way. He was underweight and suffering from a fungus in his fur due to the humid climate and didn’t look like he was going to survive.
Fortunately Snoopy was very friendly and easy to capture to take off the vet where it was discovered that there was nothing wrong with him that couldn’t be fixed given time.
After a month at Dr Beck and Stone’s Snoopy’s fur is now better, he has had his vaccinations and is ready to find a loving home.
 His weight has also gone from 0.8kg to 1.6kg in the time he was at the vet, he really benefited from regular food. So he’s grown a lot, we estimate that he is about 3-4 months old. He has a lovely mark on his hind which is almost perfectly heart shaped.
Snoopy has a very sweet nature, he loves people and tends to purr when he is picked up. He’s a baby boy though so he also has a lot of energy and his favourite thing to do is play with his toys and sprint around and make up little games of hide and seek. He’s curious and quite confident and adaptable – for a stray cat with a bad start in life. Even when he had to undergo regular baths at the vet he was no problem and he became a firm favourite of the staff with his friendly, playful ways.
I already have two cats who, unfortunately, do not like Snoopy, so the sooner he finds his own loving home, the better.
He will make a truely wonderful companion for a loving family and give lots of joy with his playful antics and his affectionate, sweet nature.

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