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We are looking for new caregivers!!

Hello!We are looking for a new human carer to feed us and play with us. Is it you?
The current owner took us both in when we were teeny tweeny things. We’ve grown up together and,  although yes sometimes we fight each other, we are actually quite attached so we’d like to stay together.
Sweetie & Napoleon
I’m Napoleon. As you can see I’m rather handsome in my black and whites. I would say I’m a lover of the good life and am definitely partial to a tummy tickle or two. Eating is my great passion followed by resting. I’m about 5 ½ years old and I’ve got a microchip. I’ve had those rabbies jabs as well.  What I look for in a human is the ability to give me what I want when I want it and to not give me too much attention but to know when I need it. Simple.
And I’m Sweetie. I’m the cute and curious one, not like Fatso up there. I’m sociable and like to pass the time of day with my carer. So you can be sure I’ll welcome you when you come home and I’ll give you a status report of the day’s activities. What I’m looking for in a human is the ability to play the same mindless game over and over again. Also please don’t try to cuddle me. I’ll let you know on my own terms. I’m about 5 years old and have the microchip and jabs as well.
Please contact the current humans:Leah at leah.stickley@gmail.com 

Sujata  +86 13816979260

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