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JAR AD 2nd Sept 2012

The weather, a tad cooler than the previous months but still sweltering under the sun had many of our  rescuers participate which in turn attracted many passers by. A total of 9 animals got adopted out today which is fantastic!! I feel that more animals will get adopted in the next coming months as we are receiving more and more queries from potentials wanting to adopt animals from us. This is great news!!

We want to thank the following people/establishments for their kindness, support, and donations!
W & Pets, PET ONE, BARK,, Hola China for inclusion in their magazine, Leah (donating cat treats/deflea meds), existing families (and new!) for donations, our dedicated foster parents/volunteers, and finally a huge thanks to the MARS FOOD incorporation for donating 30 BOXES of Pedigree dog food!!! (each box contains 8 x bags).
We are blessed to receive support and it will be an ongoing one too from them. Look out for another blog posting as I will include pictures and where the dog food will be allocated to. So far I have managed to donate a total of 14 boxes…..another 16 to go!!

We hope to see you again at our Sept 9th adoption day at the Cool Docks!

JAR will be participating in other events soon (Shanghai American School, Concordia Bazaar etc)….. Watch this space!

Thank you for your support!



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